I Don't Know How To People

Because my Google Docs apparently have issues and won’t let me work on them for more than a few minutes at a time, and I don’t feel like playing around with new plot bunnies in Microsoft Word, have some Background Characters that were just begging for headcanons.

So, here we have the kid who turned into a monster (along with his monster form) from Prisoners of Love and his look-alike from the infamous Phantom Planet. Or as I have named them, Micheal and Elliot Dunn.

The two of them were (are?) twins. The two older characters shown in the bottom picture are not their parents, but instead their older brother Patrick (older by eight years) and his girlfriend, Carly Young. Their parents’ names are Melinda and Kelly.

Micheal was killed a year or so before the series started, when he was five. The family lived near a bar, and one warm summer Patrick forgot to lock the door. Someone from the bar wandered into the wrong house the same night Micheal had sneaked out of bed to watch TV. There was a struggle once they noticed each other, they both panicked… 

In figurative terms, the man was a mountain who thought that some little punk had broken into his house. His family didn’t arrive to help him in time. Micheal didn’t stand a chance. The man is currently spending time in prison for manslaughter. The Dunn family doesn’t think his punishment is severe enough.

For years, Elliot was at a loss without his twin. Patrick blamed himself, Melinda and Kelly split up… The family was a disaster. Melinda took her remaining boys and moved to a small town a little ways away from Amity Park, and the boys would go to Kelly’s every other weekend.

Elliot was eight when the Disasteroid happened. His entire family- and Carly’s, too- gathered in Melinda’s front room to watch the final broadcast from the South Pole as Danny Phantom saved the world.

Micheal, because of how he died, doesn’t like anyone in his Lair. It terrifies him, and that monster form is a result of his fear masked with anger at his death. The other ghosts call him ‘Static’, after how the TV in his lair always is. They try to stay away from him, and as such know very little about him.

Elliot, since his twin’s death, has absolutely hated it when any TV has static playing (like Micheal’s does). His reaction is rarely the same; sometimes he’s reduced to tears, sometimes he starts throwing things… And sometimes he screams in fear.

(As always, screencaps from here.)

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